Underground Petroleum / Water Storage Tanks and Water Separators

Underground storage tanks made from fibreglass by Envirotank

Double Walled Fibreglass Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks

Envirotanks advanced double-wall technology gives all stakeholders proven protection against petroleum contamination of the environment and underground water supplies. Without a single leak due to internal or external corrosion after 300,000 petroleum installations worldwide, Envirotank Double-Wall Tanks are proven to deliver the state-of-the-art environmental protection required for the strictest of conditions.

Fibreglass Water/Water Treatment Tanks

Envirotank designs and manufactures corrosion resistant fibreglass water tanks for the safe, long-term containment of water and water treatment products. Envirotank works closely with clients to manufacture to their specific requirements storage and retention tanks for all water and treatment applications on time and to the highest quality standards.

Fibreglass Sewage Retention/Emergency Storage Tanks

Envirotank manufactures fibreglass sewer retention / emergency storage tanks for pumping stations and treatment plants. Envirotank sewer retention tanks are manufactured to individual specifications from high-grade polyester resins that provide a strong chemical resistance to acidic and alkaline wastewater streams and a broad range of chemicals and alcohols. The tanks are suitable for installation in acid sulphate soils and for the long-term containment of H2S and resulting by-products.

Fibreglass Oil/Water Separators and Storm Water Treatment Devices

The Conder Clereflo™ range of oil / water separators and storm water treatment devices manufactured under license by Envirotank, fully conform to the European standard BSEN-858 and are proven to effectively separate oil and water. Under test, the Clerflo™ separators performed well with in allowable discharge limits specified in the standard.

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Latest News & Info

Conder Environmental Solutions

Envirotank would like to announce that Conder Environmental Solutions and Envirotank have signed a technology supply agreement to manufacture and represent their products under license in the Oceania region. The agreement allows Envirotank to manufacture and provide quality Conder storm water treatment devices and “Clereflo™” separator products meeting ENBS-858 to all industries in the region.

ACAPMA Convenience and Fuel Industry Conference

Envirotank to exhibit at the ACAPMA Convenience and Fuel Industry Conference September 11th to September 14th.