Advantages of Envirotank Storage Tanks and Chambers



Envirotank is watertight and not just water resistant, it needs no additional coating for its life. Water and sewer will not permeate.

Structural Strength
Envirotank is designed for all burial and installation loads and will not degrade or deteriorate over time.

Fabricated for purpose
Envirotanks are fabricated with automation machinery to produce the best quality possible. For capacities under 175,000 litres they are made in one piece for easy transportation and installation.

Stable Installations
Envirotanks are suitable for complex installations and do not crack with burial loads.



No Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC)
Envirotanks are resistant to hydrogen sulfide which creates sulfuric acid, a common cause of deterioration in other materials.

Bacteria and Algae Resistant
Envirotanks have a smooth interior finish and are not porous making it a perfect environment to combat bacteria accumulation and algae from forming.

Rust proof
Envirotanks contain no steel reinforcing and simple cannot rust.

Spray nozzles and wet well washers can come installed as standard equipment.


Light Weight
Envirotanks are lightweight only requiring a single small crane during off loading and installation.

Short Installation Time
Envirotanks can be installed straight from the truck in a single lift and are delivered to the site as a finished product making installation easier and faster.

If changes need to be made at time of installation, Envirotanks can be site modified to suit alternate requirements for unforeseen circumstances.



No Periodic Recoating
Envirotanks do not require recoating or resurfacing for the life of the product.

No PH Modification Required
Envirotanks are suitable for a high range of pH levels and do not require pH buffers to prevent leaching.

Easy Cleaning
Due to the smooth surfaces, Envirotanks are easily maintained with minimal cleaning apparatuses.


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