Understanding DEF

Urea DEF is used to control diesel engine discharges in order to meet EPA emission standards. Most new diesel vehicles use SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems to inject Urea DEF directly into the exhaust stream to chemically neutralize about 90% of harmful NOx emissions. Urea DEF, or AUS 32, is a mixture of 32.5% urea solution in demineralized/deionized or distilled water. The purity of the Urea DEF is critical for the SCR process to work.

As the number of SCR systems on the road increase to meet EPA standards, diesel dispensing facilities will require ample storage to meet the growing demand.

What separates Envirotank fibreglass tanks from other DEF storage options?

Underground fiberglass tanks provide a natural insulation barrier to extreme temperatures which can significantly impact the DEF shelf life.

Thanks to our unique computer driven manufacturing process, our inner tank wall is not air-inhibited, resulting in a glossy, smooth surface without the need for wax coatings and or liners. The automated process produces a consistent, uniform tank thickness and allows for advanced fabrication methods including a surface veil on the inner surface.


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